Junior Program Management


Many of you have seen an increased presence by Ricky Simpson over the past couple of Sundays and Fridays. The junior program is now managed collaboratively by Willie Jennette (Coaching Director) and Ricky (Junior Performance Manager).

What does that mean?

Willie is educating and supporting coaches, in general, where Ricky is focused on player (aka skill) development. Both are evolving the Lions Way – Strength in the Pride!

They, together, will be holding meetings with age group coaches in the new year to further discuss their plan.

Team managers and parents, please continue to communicate with Junior Panel (Juniorpanel@lionsbasketball.com.au) with any queries and feedback. Part of the role of Head of Junior Panel is to liaise with the Coaching Panel. Speaking of, we still have a vacancy for Administrator – Coaching Panel. Preferably this person WILL NOT be a coach, but rather someone able to regularly transmit messages from the Coaching Panel to the Centrals family. If you’re keen, please contact President@lionsbasketball.com.au with your EOI.

Congratulations for making it this far in the message. Your prize is a full stop.

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